Wait- Do you have a patreon? Or if not- are you considering setting one up?

I do not have a patreon and at this moment i don’t really see how it can work out for me.

I just started studying in uni again so that means eventually I will get more and more busy so I can’t promise steady quality arts posted let alone ”rewards” or working on a bigger personal project (even though I do have a couple of those planned…).

I will however try my best to juggle studying and commissions and a couple of years of doing this has proven itself as doable and getting a cut from my RB and soc6 in the meantime as an okay way to get money.

I dunno maybe I am just talking crap right now and patreon is a better way for this but idk I just plan on having an art blog and being open for commissions whenever you wanna take em and if you wanna support me a different way, then consider either buying something from my stores or donating when you download my sketchbooks on gumroad (by the way there’s a new sketchbook coming really really soon yaaaay)! 

Haaaave you ever considered larping

I have, but it makes me really embarrassed and i just feel too awkward when it comes to any kind of rp??? I really need to knock this out of myself.
That said for some reason i did really good at improv in class. Hmmmm

how much do you like shows about mafia types stabbing eachother from 1 to 10

About 9 or 10
I love mafia bullshit

hey bae


Sometimes I cry at night knowing that Rythian could be any Umbrella.

Everybody check their umbrella.

Heya your art is really cool, and you're a huge inspiration to my own art.

Thank you!!! That means a lot!

I feel like whenever you post a "hey guys come talk to me" post I always miss it and then I feel bad because then you might not want to talk to people anymore.

Thats silly.
I never stop wanting to chit chat w people. When i post these posts that is an invite to talk MORE to me lolll

I just did a slip and now most of my class knows that i have a blog. They dont know what it is or where. So i guess im “safe” for now.
Not sure why i wanna be secretive bout it. I guess in the offchance that i wanna talk smack about them or something.
Or when i spazz about something embarrasing.

I like the style you used in your icon. Its like the style used in Roald Dahl books but better

I would lie if i said that Quentin Blake’s art wasn’t an inspiration for me. But my drawing better???Idoubtbut hey thanks.

i was getting really sick and tired of my previous icon so this one is going to be a placeholder for when i get around making something new and nicer

wow its me

wow its me

:oo i got a couple symbols from the ask meme about crushes and whatt

the idea of someone having a crush on me is unreal


  • ♂ =  I am a boy who has a crush on you
  • ♀ = I am a girl who has a crush on you
  • () = I am a non binary person who has a crush on you
  • * = just delete your tumblr already
  • æ = Post a picture of yourself
  • $ = You’re awesome
  • # = I love your blog
  • @ = You’re beautiful
  • + = i hate you.
  • % = You’re ugly
  • & = I wish we were close
  • ~ = I wish we were friends in real life
  • ? = I relate to a lot of the same things you go through 
  • ! = You inspire me
Hey! Do you think you could give some links to the people you put in the tags? I've been meaning to follow some more art blogs, if it's not too much trouble for you



who wants to give me a hug because real life seems to be proving too much for me rn


My best animation yet. XP

omg that is adorable