it’s 4 am and i can’t seem to go to sleep because a little bit of that traveling stress and also game of thrones

but i should be going now hhhh drags self to bed

i soothe my friends with blooper reels of the tragic things i’ve made them watch


Favourite: Characters {30/?}: Obi-Wan Kenobi

I have a bad feeling about this.

Art by: (Rennyskywalker) (Siins) (Matereya)


So I just caught up on Game of Thrones with Siins

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I wanna make a seamless background like the ones you made but I don't know how ;_; Any tips?

Essentially I just draw a bunch of things and then I put them in some sort of order that I’m guessing would work and then I play around with the uh Filter -> Other -> Offset option in photoshop! 

Sometimes it works with the things I’ve drawn and moving them around I get a result I like. Sometimes tho I move around the things with offset so that there is a spot for a new thing I would draw in so there isn’t an awkward gap.

This probably doesn’t make any sense until you see how offset in photoshop works. Also I dunno if there is an easier way how to make a pattern but THAT’S HOW I DO IT! P sure there are nice tutorials out there UwU

Also thank u for using my pattern for your blog!

Can I request a moment of silence for all of the people that can't go to the meet-up?

hbhbhbhb okay i guess

but srsly tho ppl should come to the meet up

i can’t believe that i am going to travel to the uk IN A DAY……



My God….it’s beautiful.
Thank you siins for this creation that I can enjoy whenever I open my laptop.

thank you! :>


My God….it’s beautiful.

Thank you siins for this creation that I can enjoy whenever I open my laptop.

thank you! :>

Hello I made another pattern! feel free to use it for your blog or desktop! UwU

How did it feel to have Ravs draw you?

p nice

it was excruciating for him though


I’m trying to scrape together money to leave an abusive home so I’m selling my limited edition signed blackrock prints - numbered 23/100. These originally sold out in 30 minutes & will never be available again.

The posters are framed in identical custom made frames, but they can be bought separate from the frames (the price i’m asking is less than what they were bought for - i really need money yall)

certificate of authenticity will also be included with the set

unframed: $40 for one poster or $100 for all of them
framed: $60 for one poster or  $150 for all of them
+ shipping costs

send me an ask or email me at jaysbyers@gmail.com. i am also going to be selling more things if you wanna check that out



Myself and siins are organizing a meetup while Siins is visiting!

The 3rd August we’re sticking around Leicester Square all day. We’ll be sitting down by the grassy area at about 11am/12pm.

You’re also very welcome to join us to see the Frozen sing-a-long at the Prince Charles Cinema (provided there are seats left for it? I’m not sure) Either way afterward we’ll probably grab some food and return to the original meet area to hang out for a few hours C:

The 5th August is really a day that I’m showing Siins around London so the meet won’t be until about 5/6pm. This meet is at Russell Square

We’ll most likely be drawing, talking, and taking photos and generally interacting with everyone. I’ll edit this post if myself and Siins make any changes. Unlikely but you never know! C: I hope to see some of you either of these days!

Please come and hang out with us! I will probably doodle in your sketchbook or somethin as well! 

Hi im also having this dressale thing spam me and another url called dressale-Kate. I'm kind of anxious do you know anything more about it?

yeah im getting spammed by dressalelook and solovecathy. both praise me for being a ”famous fashion blogger” and want me to promo their shit for pay. at first i thought it’s legit or whatever but after they’ve started to literally spam me and when i took a look at their blogs it started to look really shady lolllll

I just want to say I found your Yogscast Tryhard piece when scouring google images for beautiful artwork dedicated to the yogscast and I am immensly impressed by your style and skill. I look forward to all your work in the future, I really do. (This isn't really an 'ask' but ah well)

Oh that’s a very nice ask! Considering it started with ”i found your art on google” I was like ooohhh nooo who stole it this time but!! It took a nice turn, I hope you like your stay on my blog! :> And thank you!

I would just like to inform you that I once had a dream that you were my cousin for some reason. We drew stuff together even though I can't draw. YOU ARE AWESOME CAN THIS BE REALITY?

come to the london meet with me and sticky and we will draw together!!! lmao

but aw that is so .. weird and interesting that people would dream about me…