storytime! so that was a funny thing that happened today at the uni, during one of the lectures, since it was an introductory one i kind of just listened and doodled on this sheet of paper. and i was sitting in the second to first row, so the professor could easily see what i’m doing and he was talking and going back and forth and when he was really close to me he kind of stopped mid sentence and stared at my paper with an opened mouth for quite some time, it wasn’t long, but long enough for it to become awkward and some people to turn their heads. i was scribbling the kanaya at that moment and i didn’t even know at first the silence was because he was staring at what i was doing dsfgf i’m really glad he didn’t comment or ask what is that because i would have died probably. i never know what and how to answer to ”what are you drawing?” or ”that looks nice” and make it sound interesting or short enough lol.

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